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Bespoke Will Questionnaire

Thank you for expressing an interest in our specialist will service. At Wollens, we understand that when it comes to choosing a solicitor, many people might think all law firms are pretty much the same. We believe we’re the best choice for you. Not just for advice on individual matters, but also as a long-term partner for all your legal affairs. Our diverse team of brilliant people provide the full spectrum of legal services and specialist expertise across all private matters.

Your will is one of the most important documents you will ever sign, and we believe that it should receive the care and attention it deserves.

We are pleased to be able to offer you a number of will packages, offering fixed fees for the three main types of will we are asked to provide.

Please complete the form below in order for us to prepare your new will document for you. once you have submitted the form it will be held securely for one of our solicitors to review and respond to you accordingly with the next steps in this important process.

Please note: you will need to complete this form in full prior to submitting so please ensure you have the following documentation available so that you can complete the form. If you have made a will before, it is helpful to provide us with a copy of that – if it is not held by us.

  • FULL names and addresses of all beneficiaries.  If beneficiaries are under 18, their dates of birth are required.
  • FULL names and addresses of all executors you propose to appoint
  • Full postal addresses or descriptions of any land or property owned
  • Estimated or recent valuations for each property
  • Name address and relationship to you of any co-owners for each property
  • Most recent mortgage statement or details of mortgage company and outstanding amount for each mortgaged property 
  • Details of any personal belongings, furniture, valuable items worth over £5,000 and an estimated total value of all personal effects
  • For a business or partnership, copy of the partnership deed or shareholders agreement and most recent set of financial accounts
  • Name and address of any accountants that you use
  • Life assurance – copy of the policy or most recent statement
  • Pension – copy of the policy or most recent statement 
  • Copy of any funeral plan purchased
  • Copies of bank statements with details of any joint ownership and amounts/overdrafts
  • List of shares and investments – unit trusts, etc
  • Name and address of any financial advisers or financial planners that you use
  • Details of all gifts of money or items made by you which amount to over £1,000 in total in the last seven years, or that you are planning to make in the future and names and relationships of the recipients or intended recipients
  • Details of any loans you have made – to whom and how much is outstanding
  • Details of any debts you have – to whom and how much is outstanding
  • Details of any financial claims you have against other people or organisations.

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Please tell us what you would like to include in your will. If you are not sure at this stage, we can discuss your options when we meet.  Please try to give as much information as possible.  

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Please select ALL of the following option(s) you have chosen for your funeral and / or burial*

Who would you prefer to deal with this gift following your written wishes? Please select one of the following options:

Who should pay for the costs of packing, shipping and insurance? Please select one of the following options:

If the property is mortgaged do you want the beneficiary to pay off the mortgage (the beneficiary might have to sell the property to pay this) or should it be paid from your estate? Please select one option:

Do you want the beneficiary to pay any inheritance tax on the gift (the beneficiary may need to sell the property to pay this) or should the tax be paid from your estate? Please select one option:

Your residuary estate is what is left after all the other gifts, tax, funeral and administrative expenses are paid. Who do you want to inherit what is left? Please select the options that apply:

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