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Gillian Jones

I have been practising in Northern Devon since  the early 1980’s, during which  time I have seen many changes in the area. When I first arrived the link road was planned but not yet started, there was nothing that you would really recognise as a supermarket in either Barnstaple or Bideford and there were still  weekly livestock markets in the centre of town, so I have seen the area change a great deal over the years.

As time has gone on, my areas of practise have also changed. Whilst I still act for a number of individuals,  I have increasingly taken on commercial and business clients and focused on their business needs, whether they are companies, partnerships or sole traders.  I have enjoyed trying to provide the service that clients need, not the least because that involves taking the time to find out about key elements of different businesses, how they work and what they do. It is rare for a month to go by when I am not surprised to discover a new, and to me, unusual or niche business being carried on in the area.

Over the years I have been involved on the legal side of very high value projects, but I also spend time talking to people who are just getting started in business,  helping  them to pull together the threads of legal and other professional advice they may need to get their venture off the ground and heading in the right direction. I see that as a very important part of my role as a lawyer, as  advice and guidance at the outset can really help later on as a business grows.

Outside of the office I enjoy gardening , a process that is largely  composed of hacking and burning  interspersed with a few occasions when I get to sit in the sunshine and enjoy the effects and  walking with friends. I would also enjoy going back to ballroom dancing classes again, but my husband has absolutely refused on the basis that I have no sense of rhythm and cannot tell my right from my left!

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