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Agents, distributors and franchises are three popular ways in which a business can expand without considerable outlay. 

Our commercial team at Wollens can assist with all three. 

An Agency Agreement normally sees the business appoint a third party to act on its behalf, marketing and selling its products and services – usually in exchange for commission.  

Distribution Agreement, by contrast, sees the ownership of goods transferred to the distributor prior to their ultimate sale. Flexibility in such agreements allows for sales targets and territories to be negotiated. 

A Franchise Agreement provides for the owner of a business to effectively licence their business to others, and thereby spread their corporate identity, and products or services, without the expense of setting up new establishments themselves.  

We aim to help you choose the right sort of structure by understanding: 

  • The industry you are in; 
  • How you want to sell your product or service; 
  • How you want to interact with your customers and clients; and 
  • How you want to manage people working on your behalf. 

Whatever your needs, our specialist team can help. 

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