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Dispute Resolution: We are specialists in all areas

It’s easy for minor problems to escalate into major disputes, seemingly in the blink of an eye. Opposite sides of the fence become entrenched in their views, dialogue turns to silence, action becomes impasse.

We’ve built more than 150 years’ experience in helping people overcome what might seem insurmountable. We do this through our expertise in litigation and skills in mediation.

Wollens Dispute Resolution services cover the full range of disputes that commercial and individual clients encounter, from contractual disputes between businesses and complex property disputes, to contested inheritance disputes.

Where a client has the misfortune to have a dispute, they need a specialist.

At Wollens, we have put together a team of excellent, hugely-experienced and nationally-recognised lawyers who focus purely on litigation dispute resolution and alternative dispute resolution work.

Crucially, each of our lawyers is a complete specialist in one or more of the dispute resolution practice areas: when you instruct Wollens to advise and represent you in your dispute, your lawyer (or team of lawyers) will be a specialist not just in dispute resolution practice, but in the subject-matter of your dispute.  This can make a critical difference to the outcome.


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Dispute resolution services

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Dispute Resolution News

Elizabeth Larner reaches settlement for client who was administered an incorrect dosage of IV salbutamol in hospital

Elizabeth Larner reaches settlement for client who was administered an incorrect dosage of IV salbutamol in hospital

Elizabeth Larner has reached a settlement of £110,000 on behalf of a gentleman in relation to a case arising from a hospital Trust’s failure to administer antibiotics during appendectomy/umbilical hernia repair surgery.

As a result of the surgical wound not healing properly, he was diagnosed with mass septic shock.

Wollens has become a carbon-neutral business

Wollens has become a carbon-neutral business

Embracing sustainability, Wollens has taken bold steps to become a carbon-neutral business. Working with Planet Mark™ and through the implementation of eco-friendly practices, we have significantly reduced our carbon footprint, striving to mitigate the environmental impact of our operations.

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