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Corporate governance & compliance

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Every UK company must ensure that it, and its officers, meet their statutory obligations and administrative requirements under the Companies Act 2006.

Company directors who underestimate the importance of their own role, and that of the company secretary, do so at their own risk.

For busy professionals it can be easy to overlook small details. However, directors and secretaries of the company face the risk of fines and criminal prosecution for non-compliance with the filing, disclosure, and administrative requirements.

To help with that burden we can become part of your team. We can help organise your vital administrative affairs and ensure compliance with statutory obligations.

As well as providing these services, our team is able to advise on and assist with:

  • Amendments to your Articles of Association
  • Board Minutes
  • Resolutions
  • Amending the issued and authorised share capital of a company
  • Filing documentation/forms at Companies House
  • Maintaining the company’s statutory books/records/registers
  • General corporate governance

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