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Intellectual property (IP) relates to the intangible, and rights to or over, things that don’t have physical form, such as copyright and trademarks.

Our team can help make sense of the grey areas around IP. We can provide advice and guidance in respect of whether intellectual property rights exist, how protection is afforded under the law, and ultimately advise how best to protect the IP you have invested in.

Our team can draft agreements to help businesses get the best return on their creativity and innovation by helping them to licence, sell or assign their IP. And if there is an infringement of your IP, we can advise and help you to take the appropriate action. With experience in mediation and negotiation we can take steps to reach a settlement without the time and expense of court action. If necessary, we have an experienced litigation/dispute resolution team to advise on how to protect your business assets through the more formal court process.

And with new developments and trends constantly emerging, it’s a full-time job to stay on top of practices, processes and the law as it applies to the emerging digital marketplace and e-commerce.

Our specialist team will take the time to understand your business, its position in the marketplace and develop the solutions you require and the advice you need.

We can help with:

  • Dealing with the data you obtain from your clients and complying with data protection legislation, including GDPR
  • Terms and conditions for the use of your website (including privacy policy, acceptable use policy, website terms of use, website disclaimer or cookies policy)
  • The sale of goods to consumers through your website
  • Drafting terms and conditions or agreements in respect of:
    – Software development
    – Software licensing
    – Software support and maintenance
    – Hardware support and maintenance
    – The sale or hire of hardware

We can provide you with the advice, guidance and information you need in respect of  intellectual property, information technology and e-commerce.

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