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Head and Brain Injuries claims

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Head and Brain Injuries

Brain injuries can cause fundamental changes in the way you live your life, and the way you see the world.  Iin road traffic accidents, in the workplace, just walking down the street, accidents can cause a significant and even life changing head injury.

Head injuries can take many different forms and  the severity and the effect can be hard to judge: particularly soon after the accident.

Some injuries will include what are called focal injuries where a specific part of the brain is physically and obviously  injured by the accident, but there are also closed injuries and diffuse injuries where the shock is disbursed through the brain, doing a different sort of harm.

At Wollens we are experts in  helping you  in the days after a head injury, you will be confused and disorientated and you will be scared, and in pain as well.  

We take the time to sit down with you and to help you understand what is happening and we will try to connect you to people who can help with your recovery.  We will approach defendants for rehabilitation and if appropriate payments on account and we will fight your case to recover for you the best result we can.

We have a long history of dealing with injuries of the utmost severity including brain injuries and we are here to help you to rebuild your life.  This could include rehabilitation services, mobility assistance or even adaptations to your home. In appropriate cases we will secure for you payments on account. All the time we are working to get you the best compensation for the injury you have had.

We can work on a “No-win, No-fee” basis on appropriate cases.

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