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If you are hoping to change the name of your child or if you want to change your own name this is something that we can assist you with. 

If you are an adult and wish to change your name we require little detail in order to do so and the process is quick. You will receive a Change of Name Deed at the end of this process and we will discuss with you how you go about fully implementing your new name. This Deed will allow you to change your name on your passport and driving licence. 

If you are looking to change the name of your child (or a person under the age of 16) you will require the consent of all with parental responsibility to do so. If there are reasons that you are not able to gain this consent you can apply to the court for an order to bypass this consent.  

In order to change your name legally and to enable you to do so with certain organisations such as the bank, once we have supplied you with your Change of Name Deed you can enrol your Change of Name Deed at the Royal Courts of Justice. 

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