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With expertise in farming divorces and the specific difficulties these cases can present, we offer practical and commercially-focused advice to farmers and farmers’ wives contemplating divorce. 

We understand the difficulty and importance of finding an outcome that meets both spouses’ needs and achieves fairness without damaging the viability of the farming business.  As a Devon firm with rural and agricultural links, we are adept at identifying and navigating the particular issues that arise in farming cases, such as:- 

  • low liquidity; 
  • the implications of a sale; 
  • a volatile trading climate; 
  • wider family ownership; 
  • trust arrangements;  
  • inheritance and succession planning;  
  • complex valuation exercises; and 
  • development potential and ‘matrimonial’ and ‘non-matrimonial’ assets. 

The involvement of other professionals (including valuers, accountants and experts advising on trusts, tenancies and planning) can also be crucial to farming divorces.  We have strong relationships with local professionals enabling us to provide you with a well-rounded service. 

Farming divorces are unique and fact-specific and as such it is important that the correct strategy is adopted from the very outset.  This can save time and money in the long run so we recommend seeking legal advice as soon as possible.  We will visit your farm at the earliest opportunity to get a clear picture of the set-up. 

We also understand the importance of protecting a farming business from the consequences of a potential future divorce and we regularly advise on pre and post -nuptial agreements involving farming assets. 

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