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And finally, furniture suppliers Furniture at Work have carried out research using LinkedIn data to determine the most common career for people with certain names in the UK. The results make for interesting reading. According to the research, people with the most popular boy’s name, Liam, are more likely to end up working in the construction industry, while the most common choice for people called Olivia, the most popular girl’s name, is a career in advertising.  People named Amelia and Luna are expected to have careers in hospitality, while people named Charlotte and Evelyn are most likely to go on to work in hospitals and health care.  Boys with the name Mateo are most likely to grow up to work in technology, information and media, and people named Levi are likely to have careers in retail. 

Alarmingly, according to the research, no-one with the top 10 boys or girls names in the UK will end up working as a lawyer or HR professional. Worrying times for HR departments and legal firms alike – perhaps we should take-account of this no doubt ‘scientific and robust’ research in our succession-planning!

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