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Catherine Pinnegar has reached a settlement of £43,250 on behalf of a client who suffered severe consequences after having been negligently discharged from hospital with an appendicitis. 

The client initially attended A&E due to abdominal pain, where she was found to have an uncomplicated appendicitis was scheduled for an operation the next day. This was then delayed to the point where the client began to feel better, and she was informed she could be discharged home on antibiotics. The client opted to be discharged, though she had not been informed of the risks of such a plan, namely an increased risk of future appendicitis.

The client later travelled to Australia, where she again developed abdominal pain and attended the local emergency department. There, a scan found an acute appendicitis, and was transferred to a larger hospital where she underwent an appendicectomy. Following this operation, the client suffered further episodes of abdominal pain, and subsequently underwent multiple further surgical procedures to remove necrotic tissue within the abdominal wall.

Following the repeated surgical procedures, the client developed an incisional hernia in her abdominal wall, was left with significant scarring, and was referred for cognitive behavioural therapy to aid with the psychological effects she had incurred.

The settlement was reached on the basis that the detriment to the client could have been avoided had she received the appendicectomy at first instance, and the client maintains that if she had been informed of the associated risks prior to being discharged, she would have opted for surgery.

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