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For most of us, the coronavirus has triggered the biggest challenge to businesses in living memory. These challenges are compounded by the speed in which the changes have been made, often in retrospect, and the fact that most of the proposals are in policy announcements from the Government and are not set out in legislation.

Whilst there is much advice out there at present, much of it conflicts. Because employers have different contracts, policies and employees, it is not a case that one set of advice fits all circumstances.

To obtain prompt, commercially focussed, bespoke advice to deal with your employment needs, our specialist employment team are on standby to advise you and answer questions on the main issues including:

  1. What is furlough leave and how does it fit with other employment rights;
  2. How do I manage holiday pay and sickness absence during furlough leave;
  3. Can I furlough some, but not all, employees;
  4. Do I have to write to employees to say they have been furloughed;
  5. Do I need employee consent to furlough or can I just furlough;
  6. Do I need to select employees for furlough;
  7. Can I rotate the employees that are furloughed;
  8. How do I manage holiday absences for staff that cannot take holiday leave now;
  9. What are the proposed changes to carrying over holiday leave;
  10. How do I get staff to agree to changes to their contracts;
  11. What can I claim back from HMRC and when;
  12. What if an employee leaves during the furlough period;
  13. When should I consider redundancies;
  14. What further measures do I need to take if making 20 or more redundancies within a 90 day period; and
  15. What is the position regarding directors and partners.

For answers to these questions and more information contact Jon Dunkley and our employment team by clicking here or email us : [email protected]