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Hannah Goodman is a Paralegal in our Clinical Negligence team and has put this helpful guide together looking at cosmetic treatments abroad. 

​There is no doubt that having cosmetic surgery or dentistry abroad is often the cheaper way to do it, however it is important to understand the possible risks involved before making the decision to travel outside of the UK for the treatment. Although the less expensive option is appealing, the price of the procedure usually reflects the quality of treatment that you will receive and can put your health and appearance at risk. One of the main reasons for this is that many treatment providers in other countries do not have to adhere to strict regulations, unlike in the UK.

Breast augmentation, abdominoplasty (‘tummy tucks’), and BBL’s are amongst the most popular procedures that individuals travel abroad to have performed.  Breast augmentation surgery involves implants being placed under the breast tissue to increase breast size. Abdominoplasty can involve removing excess loose skin, fat and stretch marks to improve the shape of the stomach area. The BBL procedure involves the removal of fat out of various areas in the body, which is then processed and reinjected into the buttocks. All of these surgeries come with extensive risks, however these risks are greatly increased when the procedure is performed outside of the UK.

Dental tourism is also on the rise, with most travelling to Turkey for their cosmetic dental procedures. Unfortunately, as a result, emergency dental treatments in the UK are also on the rise. The reoccurring problem is that patients are unaware of the risks that come along with the ‘perfect smile’.

Some dentistry clinics in Turkey are carrying out procedures without the client having the knowledge they need to give their consent. Some patients believe they are being fitted with veneers, but they are actually being fitted with crowns, which requires most of the tooth to be shaved off. The most commonly misunderstood aspect of cosmetic dentistry is the risk of infection, abscesses and nerve damage, which can leave patients in agony without any kind of remedy from the dental practice.

Although less expensive, it is arguable that the risks involved make travelling abroad for cosmetic procedures are not worth it. It is often the case that individuals undergo further procedures to correct what has gone wrong after travelling abroad for cosmetic surgery, which ends up being more expensive in the long run than if they had gone for the safer, more expensive option in the beginning.

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How can we help?

Many people who travel abroad for their cosmetic surgery or treatments are disappointed or even badly injured by the surgery. If you believe the standard of care that you received surrounding your cosmetic treatment fell below that of a reasonable standard, you may be eligible to make a clinical negligence claim.

Our specialist solicitors can discuss your injury with you and recommend the best next steps. Hannah Goodman is a Paralegal in the Clinical Negligence and Personal Injury team.