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Elizabeth Larner, Clinical Negligence specialist at Wollens 

Case Study

Elizabeth Larner, head of the Clinical Negligence team at Wollens, has achieved a settlement on behalf of a gentleman, Mr F, from Exeter who had a long standing history of eye complaints.

He routinely saw an optometrist, and at one of these assessments his optometrist identified wet macular degeneration (also known as Wet AMD), which is an eye disorder which initially causes blurred vision or a blind spot in the central vision. Urgent treatment of this condition once identified is essential to preserve vision.

The optometrist completed an urgent two week wait referral (also known as “2WW”), however, due to administrative errors by the hospital (an incorrect postal address being written to, and a GP practice being written to that the gentleman had never been a patient of), the gentleman did not receive the appointment letters, and therefore did not attend the appointments.

Because the gentleman had been made aware of the urgent need for a consultant to assess him, he made his own arrangements four weeks later to be seen on a private basis by an Eye Surgeon who confirmed Wet AMD and instituted the necessary treatment, at significant financial cost to the patient.

Elizabeth Larner said ”we were delighted to secure settlement of this claim for this client within 12 months of him instructing us, and glad that we could facilitate a satisfactory resolution for him”.

Mr F said “I am so pleased with the result that Wollens have achieved in a very short time. I have recovered the considerable amount that I paid out. Elizabeth Larner herself was so helpful and informative and always approachable. Her staff too would be attentive and efficient at all times. Thank you Wollens “

If you or someone you know has been affected by complications following ear syringing, you can contact Elizabeth Larner for a free initial consultation on 01803 225135 or via email, [email protected].   You can also go to www.wollens.co.uk and complete an online enquiry form. One of the Wollens team will contact you as soon as they are available.