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Deborah Baker 25

Deborah Baker, Partner and Private Client Practitioner at Wollens.

Now that the COVID-19 vaccine is being rolled out across the country, criminals are using this as a way to exploit elderly and vulnerable people. We’ve had a number of reports come in highlighting a variety of scam techniques and as a firm we are asking all of our clients in this category to be extremely vigilant.

I cease to be amazed about how low these fraudsters are prepared to go preying on the elderly and vulnerable. It’s a shock that these scams are taking place at all let alone in a pandemic when many in society are already terrified at the prospect of Covid.

Our private client team work closely with the elderly and vulnerable and we can see how people might get drawn in. We will be asking all of our elderly and vulnerable clients to take extra care when it comes to this. If you are concerned and would like more help or think you may have been scammed please do not hesitate to contact myself or one of our team.

We’ve communicated with our staff at Wollens about the dangers of this scam. The scam comes in the form on a random text message and offers a link to an ‘extremely convincing’ fake NHS website.

The scam consists of:

  • Text messages asking people to book their vaccine through a link which then asks for personal / financial details.
  • Phone calls are targeting vulnerable and elderly people, playing a recorded message, telling them they’ve now qualified for the vaccine.

Sadly victims are then being asked to input their bank details to register for a vaccine and to arrange their booking.

I’m urging everyone who reads this to share with their older and vulnerable friends and family.

If you wish to contact Wollens with regard to a private client matter please email us:

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