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Wollens is pleased to launch a new range of will services for existing and new clients.

At Wollens we understand the importance of your will but astonishingly statistics show that more than half of all UK adults (58%) still do not have a will*.  Sadly, many people die without having prepared a will and then the law decides who inherits the estate and you will not have had the chance to make gifts to friends or specific family members or a charity of your choice.

We do understand that this is a sensitive issue and that’s why we have a team of dedicated will writers who can take you through the whole process. We have a new range of flexible will solutions, including packages, to suit a range of needs with prices start from £250.  If your needs cannot be met through one of our packaged wills then we have a Bespoke will service. This allows us to provide you with all the specialist advice you want and to prepare the will you need. This service includes, for example, advice about business and agricultural assets, complex family circumstances and estate planning.

Katrina Vollentine Head of Wollens’ Private Client Department said “I am confident that we are able to provide a professional, efficient and cost-effective wills service with both our packaged wills and our bespoke service covering a wide range of needs. We can assist people on matters working remotely via video or telephone or in their own home if necessary”.

Meet some of the members of our wills team below:

Details of the wills services can be found here : Making a will      

Appointments are available remotely or in person and home visits can be arranged across a wide number of locations.

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*National Will register