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As you cannot have missed, the Government is placing us on a second national lockdown on Thursday (5th November). That has triggered panic across the economy as businesses prepare for this new challenge at very short notice. However, on a practical level, what do you need to do? Here is our brief checklist that you may want to consider alongside your own business planning:

  1. Check the Government guidelines on whether your business has to close. The rules are similar to last time but with some differences. Keep an eye out for further announcements as the position is changing rapidly;
  2. Consider whether staff need to be furloughed (full or part time) and whether staff can continue to work but from home. Whatever you decide, you should document your business reasons for deciding which staff to furlough;
  3. Obtain consent from employees you wish to furlough. This must be in writing. If you got consent in writing during the original furlough period then you may or may not be able to rely on it depending on how it was worded. If in doubt, get new written consent. This could be a detailed furlough agreement or a simple exchange of e-mails if you have less time; and
  4. Consider your health and safety risk assessment for those working at home and those in the office. If you did this during the last furlough period then you may only need to make minor amendments.

We wish you the best of luck in making your arrangements and do contact us if you think we can assist.

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updated : 03.11.2020