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After months of discussion and speculation, the government has now confirmed the date that the “no fault” divorce law will commence.  Expected in the autumn some are disappointed that the date has been set for 6th April 2022. However this does give families and lawyers a date to work towards.

The Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020 was given Royal Assent on 25 June last year. The act will reduce conflict between couples legally ending a marriage or civil partnership. There will be significant changes to family procedures and rules. The most significant change means that spouses will be able to apply for a “Divorce order” which will dissolve the marriage on the grounds that the marriage has broken down irretrievably. This means that ‘blame based facts’ will no longer be required. 

There will be new timescales which will shorted the process and in theory the whole process could take just 26 weeks.

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Rebecca Procter, Head of Wollens family team said, ‘Whilst it is far later than hoped, we are delighted to finally have a set date for the new law coming into force. The delay is partially due to the IT changes to the online divorce systems required. We are delighted with the proposed Reform , moving away from the current fault based process,  and we can now advise and plan with our clients accordingly.”

Rebecca Procter, Head of Wollens family team. 

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