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The landmark case of Forstater v CGD Europe Limited was notable as the first case in which the UK courts confirmed that gender critical views (the belief that sex is biological and immutable) can form a protected philosophical belief under Equality Act 2010. Ms Forstater had succeeded in claiming that she had been directly discriminated against when she was offered no further CGD consultancy work and a visiting fellowship was not renewed after she had made her gender critical views public.

Following a recent remedy hearing she has now been awarded over £100,000 in damages, including loss of earnings, injury to feelings and aggravated damages. The injury to feelings award was £25,000. She was also awarded £2,000 in aggravated damages. 

This remedy judgment is useful for employers as it provides a clear guide as to where tribunals are likely to pitch injury to feelings awards in similar cases. A reminder, if one was needed, that failing to treat employees with respect or treating them differently because of their beliefs can be very costly for employers.

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