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The term ‘mergers and acquisitions’ covers the buying, selling, dividing and combining of different companies, businesses and other types of organisations.

A merger usually sees two companies combined into one entity, whereas an acquisition is the takeover of one company by another.

Acquisitions will typically fall into two broad structures:

  • Asset Sales or Purchases – where only the assets such as property, goodwill and the equipment of a company are sold or bought.
  • Share Sales or Purchases – where the shares of a company are bought or sold.

Our corporate team specialise in advising buyers and sellers on which type of structure to adopt.

We give you the advantages and disadvantages of the options available, so you can make informed decisions.

We will provide practical guidance of the relevant risks and liabilities a buyer may take on following an acquisition. And, we will support a seller in their responses to enquiries of a buyer during the process.

At Wollens we assist buyers or sellers through all stages of the drafting and negotiation of the relevant agreements.

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