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GP & Nurse Practitioner Negligence

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At Wollens we understand the distress of a misdiagnosis. We are dedicated to helping medical negligence victims recover compensation for the pain and suffering caused by negligent doctors, nurses and others.

Our expert clinical negligence claims lawyers use their extensive experience to successfully pursue GP Negligence claims. We know that the NHS is the biggest provider of free health care, but there are still high quality standards expected from GPs. When these are not met, it can cause much distress for patients and this is where a GP Negligence claim can come into play.

A GP is any patient’s first port of call when they have a health concern. Often, a GP will be able to manage and treat minor illnesses or ongoing chronic conditions, but there are many occasions where a health concern can and should be considered by a specialist in a hospital setting.

Especially (but not exclusively) during the pandemic, patients have struggled to speak to or see a GP, which has resulted in delays in onwards referrals and treatment.

We are helping individuals and families who are experiencing first hand the devastating consequences of a delayed referral to hospital for a range of conditions, including cancers, neurological problems, genetic conditions, or other health complaints which, if diagnosed early, are easily treated and can often lead to a full recovery.

If you or a loved one have experienced a delay in assessment in person by a GP, which has then resulted in a delayed referral to hospital and, consequently, a worst outcome, our team would be happy to advise you and guide you through the legal process.

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Settlement following negligent care from GP nurse 

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