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Clinical Negligence Lawyer, Elizabeth Larner

Case study

Elizabeth Larner reached a settlement on behalf of a lady who suffered significant damage to her hearing as a result of a perforated ear drum caused by a nurse.

A Devon lady has been awarded compensation as a result of significant damage to her hearing, which arose as a result of a nurse at her GP practice syringing her ear for wax removal and causing a perforated eardrum.

The lady had had ear surgery in the affected ear some 40 years previously, which meant that ear syringing was not appropriate in her case. The correct course of action would have been for the nurse to refer the lady to the ENT department at the local hospital for safe removal of the wax.

Instead, the nurse syringed the ear, causing instant excruciating pain and deafness. The lady was reassured that this was ‘normal’ and the symptoms would settle, whereas in fact the relevant guidelines suggest that she should have been referred to ENT immediately.

Elizabeth Larner and Zoe Gask, clinical negligence specialists at Wollens Solicitors, took up the case and secured the compensation.

The lady suffered significant hearing loss which, in conjunction with her poor hearing in her other ear, now means that she is very hard of hearing and dependent upon others to hear for her.

The lady said “thank you Elizabeth Larner at Wollens for everything you have done regarding my claim”.

If you or someone you know has been affected by complications following ear syringing, you can contact Elizabeth Larner for a free initial consultation on 01803 225135 or via email, [email protected].   You can also go to www.wollens.co.uk and complete an online enquiry form. One of the Wollens team will contact you as soon as they are available.

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