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Necrotising fasciitis

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Necrotising fasciitis is a bacterial infection which is more commonly known as the flesh-eating bug. The infection is most commonly acquired through surgical sites and its effects are life threatening. The result can be catastrophic scarring and disfigurement or, at worst, death. Very often, treatment for necrotising fasciitis is started without a formal diagnosis, as the infection can develop so quickly that there is no time to conduct investigative tests. The quicker antibiotics are introduced and the area is debrided, the better the chances of survival. If left untreated, the patient will die. 

Sometimes, the occurrence of necrotising fasciitis can be unavoidable and not as a result of negligence. However, it can similarly occur as a result of hygiene failures in a healthcare setting. Similarly, deaths from this condition can, and do, occur when healthcare professionals fail to heed the indicators that a patient might be suffering from necrotising fasciitis. 

If a person develops the infection, they may have a claim for compensation. Elizabeth has many years of experience in dealing with these claims. 

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