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A ‘never ever event’ is a serious incident which occurs in an NHS setting, and which is defined as ‘a serious incident that is entirely preventable because guidance or safety recommendations have not been followed. These recommendations provide strong systemic protective barriers available at a national level, and should have been implemented by all healthcare providers’.

The NHS publishes a ‘Never Event List’ which defines what incidents are a ‘never event’. If a never ever event occurs within an NHS setting, that organisation must make a report via a dedicated reporting system and commence an investigation immediately as to how and why it occurred, so that actions can be put in place to ensure that the risk of it occurring again is reduced or removed completely.

At Wollens we have helped individuals who have suffered the consequences of a never ever event in making a claim against the organisation concerned, in order for them to be compensated for their injuries and to fund any future treatment or support that they may require.

If you have experienced the devastating consequences of a never ever event, the team at Wollens will be happy to advise you and guide you through the process of making a claim.

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