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If you are contemplating marriage, you may want to consider a pre nuptial agreement, which is made between two people before they get married.  It will determine what should happen in the unfortunate event that the marriage breaks down. 

In particular, we recommend a pre nuptial agreement if one partner has property or money which they have acquired prior to the marriage, or in circumstances where a third party, such as a parent, is providing money towards the purchase of an asset. 

Historically, pre nuptial agreements have not been upheld by the courts but their approach has changed considerably. Often, they now seek good reason not to uphold such an agreement, where it has been properly executed and with the intention of it being binding. 

Also, the hope is that with a clear understanding between the couple at the time of the marriage, it would avoid any dispute at a later date. 

If you are already married and seek to enter a post nuptial agreement, we can also prepare this for you. For example, this may be important if you wish to protect monies received by gift or inheritance, or to protect a new business venture. 

Find out more by reading our article ‘What is a pre-nuptial agreement?

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