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Astonishingly, more than half (58%) of UK adults do not currently have a will (source: National Will Register.) If you die intestate, or without making a will in the UK, you will not be able to benefit a charity or friends on your death – the law instead decides who inherits your estate.

We understand what a sensitive issue making a will can be. We will allocate a highly experienced will writing lawyer to take you through the whole process, giving you reassurance that your affairs will be taken care of properly after your death.

When you make or update your will it is important to take into consideration:

  • Choosing the executors or trustees of your will.
  • Appointing a guardian for younger children.
  • Providing for those who are closest to you.
  • How best to provide for those you love when you have children from a previous relationship
  • Inheritance and other tax matters.
  • Stating wishes for your funeral.

At the same time, as your family circumstances change, for example if relatives die, if you marry or divorce, grandchildren arrive, or grown-up children’s marriages do not work out, you should review your will. Our experienced lawyers will guide you through the process of writing a will.

Wills & Inheritance Tax Services

At Wollens, we understand that when it comes to choosing a solicitor, many people might think all law firms are pretty much the same. We believe we’re the best choice for you. Not just for advice on individual matters, but also as a long-term partner for all your legal affairs. Our diverse team of brilliant people provide the full spectrum of legal services and specialist expertise across all private matters.

We have nearly 150 of the brightest minds ready to advise you on everything from Agriculture to Acquisitions and Wayleaves to Wills (and just about everything in between). We have offices spread across 3 locations in Devon which means we are able to offer a comprehensive service with great local connections.

Our will packages

Your will is one of the most important documents you will ever sign, and we believe that it should receive the care and attention it deserves. We are pleased to be able to offer you a number of will packages, offering fixed fees, from only £250 plus VAT, for the three main types of will we are asked to provide. We have priced these to give you budgetary control and certainty over pricing, whilst meeting your wishes.

Bespoke Wills Service

If your needs cannot be met through one of our packaged wills, we also provide a Bespoke wills service. This allows us to provide you with all the specialist advice you want and to prepare the will you need. This includes, for example, advice about business and agricultural assets, complex family circumstances and estate planning. Our Bespoke service is priced at our hourly rates, but before we begin to provide any advice for you, we will give you an estimate of those costs and we are happy to discuss our prices and how we might achieve your aims in the best way for you.

Will Reviews

From time to time you should review your will to make sure that it still achieves what you want it to do. We are happy to spend 30 minutes with you reviewing your will and discussing your options and amendments required. We can do this for a fixed price of £150 plus VAT, and we will deduct this charge from any will that we prepare or amend for you following the review

What next?

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