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Elizabeth Larner, Clinical Negligence specialist at Wollens 

Case Study

Elizabeth Larner, Clinical Negligence Solicitor at Wollens, has reached a settlement on behalf of a lady who experienced facial injuries as a result of an incorrectly executed dental procedure. 

The Torquay resident visited her dentist with a view to having root canal treatment, but during the preparation phase suffered extreme pain. The dentist was cleaning the root using a surgical hypochlorite solution too far into the root canal causing a breach of the root itself, and leading to the fluid leaking into the facial tissues.. 

Immediately following the injection of the sodium hypochlorite, the lady experienced excessive bleeding alongside rapid bruising of her face. 

With the procedure having been aborted and antibiotics prescribed, the lady returned home, where she was advised to take painkillers, and return to the dental practice a day later. The facial swelling continued throughout the afternoon and later materialised into a complete feeling of numbness on the left side of her face. She feared a stroke and so attended her local Accident and Emergency Department. 

After various tests, it was confirmed that she was not suffering a stroke. However, her pain, facial numbness and anxiety regarding dental procedures persisted. 

Elizabeth Larner, clinical negligence specialist at Wollens Solicitors, took on the case and achieved compensation for the lady, who said “I was pleased to achieve a prompt resolution to this claim for this lady, who undoubtedly has suffered significantly as a result of avoidable errors during what should have been a routine dental procedure”.

The lady said

“I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for the care and attention I have received from Liz. She has guided and supported me to achieve a successful resolution, during what has been a very traumatic time“.

If you have been affected by the issues raised in this case study and want to find out if you have a claim, please do not hesitate to contact one of the Clinical Negligence Team at Wollens.

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