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A recent criminal case involving an ex-Sainsbury’s worker serves as a reminder to employers to make sure that departing employees have returned all company property before they leave employment. As reported in the Times newspaper, Holly Trevillion worked for Sainsbury’s as a cashier. She was sacked for attendance issues but failed to return her Sainsbury’s uniform.

After experiencing financial difficulties, she used her old uniform to go on shoplifting sprees at supermarket stores. She would fill her shopping trolley with groceries while pretending to be picking for online orders. She used the uniform to disarm other staff and avoid suspicion. In court she admitted five counts of fraud by false representation. She received a two-year conditional discharge and ordered to pay £206.28 compensation to Sainsbury’s and £111 costs and victim surcharge.

This example serves as a reminder to employers that they should make sure that all company property, including uniform, is returned to them when an employee leaves their employment. It is reasonable to issue an instruction requiring this. If those working in your business wear uniform, then make sure you keep records of what has been issued to each employee and make sure that all items are accounted for when they leave your employment. If Sainsbury’s had done this then the ex-employee’s shoplifting spree would no doubt have been spotted much earlier.

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