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Many people who are injured in accidents or by their work have a visible injury, one that can be demonstrated with x-rays or with photographs or with simple tests which show the extent of their difficulties.  A broken leg, a cut, a burn.

There are other times when the injuries are less apparent, the suffering is less easy to demonstrate, and specialist help is needed to make sure they are identified, and properly treated.

The most common example of this could be the so-called “whiplash” injuries, sprains and hyperextension injuries to the spine. Here the weight of the head thrown backwards and forward, usually in a road accident, will cause the spine to stretch- and then snap violently back into place- causing pain, a lack of mobility and a thoroughly miserable time. Despite what some insurers would have you believe, whiplash is a common, debilitating and thoroughly unsurprising consequence of many road accidents.

With psychological injuries, it is far from unusual for people who have been injured an accident or by work to suffer with the psychological effects of that for months and years afterwards.  It is important therefore with these sorts of injuries that you get proper experience to the understanding and help.

It is the Claimant has to prove their Claim, and if their representative is not experienced in how to demonstrate an injury the case could be undervalued.  Likewise, an experienced solicitor is very used to asking questions designed to ensure that all the aftereffects of the accidents are covered.  It might not have occurred to you the poor sleep could be the result of a road accident- or that your reluctance to go outside could be the result of a fall on the pavement near your home.

Conditions like CRPS can mean that the pain of an injury will continue event when the “physical” injury has resolved.  For instance, you might fall and sprain your ankle and go on to develop CRPS.  The sprain itself may resolve very quickly, however, the pain response from the ankle continues; and the pain involved can be extreme and very debilitating.  Many suffers with CRPS have their lives completely turned around by the effects of the condition.

Unless you get specialist help, you run the risk of being compensated perhaps for the original sprain or fracture but not the chronic pain itself.  These are the conditions that do need specialist attention. 

Pain specialists, rheumatologist, sometimes vascular surgeons can all be involved in trying to identify the nature of the illness, its cause and the effect it is having.


At Wollens, we have many years if dealing with these kinds of injuries.  They can arise at any time from road accidents, from falls and at work, either accidents or unsafe work methods or environments.


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Chris Tagg, Personal Injury Specialist at Wollens. 

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