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The outbreak of coronavirus has prompted a surge in people wanting to create or to update their wills. This is understandable in the current climate.  It is always important to ensure that you (a) have a valid will and (b) it does what you want it to do.  It is probably one of the most important things you will ever and – and at the very least, one less thing for your family and loved ones to worry about. 

Advances in technology and new working practises are making the process easier which is helpful given social distancing rules and current lockdown measures.  

At a time when lawyers need to be working from home as per government guidelines, it is critical that they can service clients in new and adaptable ways.  At Wollens a new online process using artificial intelligence has been launched to help with the process of making a will. One of the benefits of this new system is that it is accessible anywhere, on a smart phone, tablet or computer. 

Nobody wants to think about making a will and, as a result, there are 54% of adults in the UK that still do not have a will but this may soon change”, said Wollens Partner and Head of Private Client department Katrina Vollentine 

 We anticipate that more and more people in the UK will realise the importance of having a will and seek to obtain the peace of mind and that their wishes are clear, effective & legally bindingMaking a will and, I would argue power of attorney, covering decisions that you would like others to be able to legally make about your money (and/or welfare if you can’t make them yourself) ensures your chosen appointees can deal with your estate in exactly the way you want to be able to do” she explained. 

Katrina added There has never been a more important time for all UK adults, particularly those in older demographics and those with children, to turn their minds to who they want to appoint to make decisions about their care, for the distribution of their estates and, if not more important, who takes care of their children” she explained.  Additionally, people who have already made wills should take the opportunity to make sure that they are up to date and still reflect their wishes and update them if they need to. 

With most people currently working from home, Wollens are embracing technology to help the process. Our new online questionnaire can be completed from the comfort of your home at any time of the day or night; our questionnaire captures your information and shares it with our specialist wills team who can quickly review the information and be in contact to advise you and take the process to the next stage.  

Using the new online platform is a convenient and simple way to start the process of ensuring your will is drawn up as you require, and quickly 

Max Paterson, CEO of Settify who have developed the software, said “Wollens is known for having the leading Wills and Estate team in the south of England. Now clients can benefit not only from accessing top legal minds, but also from the ease, speed and convenience offered by commencing your Will online. Particularly during COVID-19, there is no real excuse for people to fail to plan how they will provide for their loved ones.” 

 For more information contact Katrina and the team at Wollens on [email protected]  

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