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Embracing sustainability, Wollens has been certified as a carbon-neutral business. Working with Planet Mark™ and Carbon Neutral Britain, we have significantly reduced our carbon footprint ,  reducing the environmental impact of our operations.

From adopting energy-efficient technologies in our offices, installing solar panels and embracing remote working options to minimise commuting emissions, every aspect of our business has been carefully examined and optimised for sustainability.

Additionally, we’ve invested in renewable energy sources and offsetting initiatives to balance any remaining carbon emissions, ensuring that we not only comply with environmental regulations but also contribute positively to combating climate change.

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Practice Director Clive Meredith is leading the charge for change and he said

“At Wollens we believe that sustainability is fundamental to the long-term success of our business and the communities we are a part of.  We’ve managed to reduce our Carbon footprint by 10% this year and been certified as a Carbon Neutral Business.

We’re delighted that all the hard work has started to pay off. We’ve got a long way to go, but a 10 % reduction in our carbon footprint this year is a great tribute to all those who’ve played a part on what has turned out to be a major project which is central to our ambitions as a firm.

Carbon Neutral Britain – Become a Carbon Neutral Business

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