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Wollens are proud to launch this exciting new chapter in the firm’s development. Our new department is being driven by our sports lawyer Marco Floreale who has expertise in working with all types of sports people across the continuum of sports law.

The Sports Law Division services are set to encompass a wide range of areas including:

  • Contract Negotiations
  • Representation
  • Sponsorship
  • Disciplinary Matters
  • Regulatory Issues
  • Sport Injuries
  • Commercial Deals
  • Financial Advice
  • Intellectual Property and Immigration

Our off the pitch sports law team are well equipped to handle complex legal matters from representing professional athletes in contract negotiations with teams and sponsors to advising sports organisations on governance and compliance.

One of the priorities is the well-being and protection of athletes. Marco recognises the unique challenges that athletes face, including issues related to their physical and mental health, privacy and reputation management. The firm is committed to providing comprehensive legal solutions that will safeguard the rights and interests of these clients – empowering them to focus on their sport without undue legal burdens.

At Wollens we are well connected with the sporting community with strong links in community and professional sports clubs and programs. Our support and sponsorships include partnerships with local cricket teams, professional cricket, local and professional football clubs, hockey, golf, rugby and netball clubs and teams. In recent years we have supported record breaking paddle boarders and this year set to support an Ice Warrior expedition!

Wollens Chief Executive, Chris Hart commented;

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new Sports Law Division. There is a growing complexity and competitiveness within the sports industry and we recognise the need to provide our clients with specialised legal advice in this area.

Katrina Vallentine 31

We are proud to have strong connections with local and national sports organisations through partnerships which aims to support the growth and development of sports at a grass roots level. By working with local clubs and teams we are able to not only provide crucial financial support, but also share our legal expertise and resources to help them in navigating the legal challenges that they may face. We are committed to building strong and long-lasting relationships with our local sports community and look forward to working with athletes and teams to help them to achieve their goals.”

Sports Lawyer Marco Floreale said “ I am extremely excited to join Wollens solicitors and together create a Sports Law Division to represent, advise and guide the next generation of elite athletes in the South West and beyond. Our mantra is to be for professionals by professionals and by that I mean being by their side so that they can be the best on the pitch whilst we are the best off the pitch in representing their interests”



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The launch of the sport law division expands the firm’s footprint in the legal industry. The new division is a reflection on the firm’s dedication to innovation and adaptability and also a recognition of the growing legal needs of the sports industry and its commitment to serving those needs.

Marco Floreale Marco Floreale – Wollens

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