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The Torwood Street development, Torquay. 

Adaptability, that’s the key message for any business at the moment in these difficult COVID times. For Wollens it’s always been the mantra by which it has been managed and we’re delighted to announce the next phase of the Wollens business development.

Recent months have been extremely challenging and difficult for all of us. But thanks to our resilient staff we have been able to meet those challenges head on and in some ways the COVID pandemic has made us stronger as a team and as a firm.

That resilience includes a determination to forge ahead with plans to transform our business, which will include some of the lessons we have learned during the crisis. Following the expansion of the firm in Exeter and North Devon in 2018, it is now time again to move on to a new chapter in our development, this time in South Devon.

The first step is scheduled for November 2020 and the completion of a move into new offices as part of a £32 million regeneration project in Torquay’s Torwood Street.  The development will galvanise a vitally important area of the town and sends out a truly positive message after such trying times.

The new offices will be the home for all our South Devon businesses readjusting our local office footprint to serve our client.  Offices in Newton Abbot and Dartmouth will be integrated into the South Devon ‘Hub’ as part of that centralisation, bringing our staff and clients together in one modern environment.

Chris Hart, Wollens Chief Executive.

Wollens chief executive Chris Hart said:  “We have all endured some pretty tough and horrid times in the past few months but I think that we are all agreeing that now is the time to grab the bull by the horns and move on to a brighter and more prosperous future. 

“There are some exciting projects happening not least the Torwood Street development. We have been keen and delighted to support the scheme right back from its early days. We believe it will transform the area and our business.” 

 We now have offices at the heart of Exeter and have reshaped our business in the north of the county where two office complexes in Barnstaple were amalgamated into one to set up a North Devon ‘hub’.

There are now plans to make the state-of-the-art Torquay offices its new South Devon hub.

Wollens currently have offices in Newton Abbot and Dartmouth.  They will be integrated into the new centralised offices in South Devon.

Chris Hart was quick to point out: “We always wanted to create a South Devon hub and feel this is the ideal opportunity. 

“We are confident that the service we can offer our clients in those areas outside the Bay will be as efficient and personable as it has been in the past and even better and improved for them in the future. 

“One thing the pandemic has taught us is the need and ability to adapt and find new ways of working – there will never be a ‘normal’ again. That has included many of our Lawyers working from home and looking after our clients remotely. 

“That will, undoubtedly, be part of the ‘new norm’ going forward. We will still absolutely offer that one-to-one and personal service and touch but there will also be other ways of serving our clients especially in the outlying and less central areas if they so wish. Our company has grown massively in the past 15 years. We see Torwood Street and our South Devon hub as an integral and exciting part of that progression and ever-improving and growing journey.”

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