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Correctly drafted and incorporated terms and conditions are a must for every business. Having them in place when you start trading is much less costly than taking legal action against non-paying customers or pursuing disputes through the courts.

Some businesses fail to properly incorporate their terms and conditions into their contracts with individual customers. This failure may stop the terms and conditions having any legal effect or being binding on the other customers that a business engages with.

At Wollens we have a specialist team of commercial solicitors that will draft appropriate terms and conditions specific to your business.

Our experts take time to understand the risks that could affect your business, so we will create terms and conditions that give your company the protection it needs.

Once these terms and conditions are correctly incorporated, your business can then have peace-of-mind that your customers and clients are clear on areas such as pricing, payment procedures, service performance standards, late payment consequences, and how a business may limit its liability.

Just one bad debt could put a company out of business, so ensure that you are doing all you can to protect your future.

You need the right terms and conditions in the right place and presented to the people you engage with at the right time. We can help you and your business with all of this, and more.

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