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Remortgaging involves moving from one secured lender to another.  This can be considered for a number of reasons – more favourable terms, the end of a fixed rate deal, wanting to borrow additional sums, the release of capital or a change in personal circumstances.  

At Wollens we have significant experience in assisting clients looking to remortgage a property.  We have strong and long standing relationships with banks, building societies, independent financial advisors, mortgage advisors and other professionals involved in the remortgage process. 

It’s important to understand that the new lender will want your lawyer to undertake a full due diligence exercise in relation to the property to make sure it is good security for the loan.  This can sometimes lead to frustrations as owners are not expecting to answer questions about a property which they have already acquired and possibly lived in for a number of years.     

Our aim is to always make remortgaging a stress free and efficient process. 

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