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Who are we?

We are the leading lawyers based all across Devon working with clients who lack capacity to make decisions about their property and affairs and health and welfare.  We work with clients, their families and carers to navigate the legal and practical complexities of making decisions with and for those who lack capacity about their affairs.

We are an approachable yet award-winning team with a wealth of experience and a high degree of empathy.  We help find sensible solutions to complex problems and can guide you through the legal maze of care and capacity law with compassion and confidence.  We strongly believe in protecting and promoting the rights of individuals to make their own choices and decisions about the most important aspects of their lives whether it is where someone should live or the care that they should receive to what they want to wear today – and everything in between.

What do we do?

Our specialist team advises on many aspects of mental capacity and community care law including:

  • Making powers of attorney
  • Managing money for someone else who cannot manage it themselves
  • Concerns about an adult’s mental capacity
  • Questions about where someone should live (for example, someone moving to a care home)
  • Advice on deprivation of liberty applications and challenges
  • Paying for care fees
  • Questions about what care services an adult requires (for example, social services care, private carers at home)
  • Court of Protection work 
  • Managing client’s financial affairs 
  • Making health and welfare decisions
  • Best interests’ decisions for adults lack mental capacity to make their own decisions
  • Safeguarding decisions for adults

Clients can lose capacity to make decisions for themselves for many reasons including acquiring a brain injury, developing dementia or being born with learning difficulties.  In addition, poor health and chronic addiction to drugs or alcohol can also cause people to become mentally incapable of making decisions.  We support the clients and their families to make decisions about all manner of matters from where someone should live or whether or not someone has capacity to engage in relationships to paying their bills and helping manage their budgets and paying for care.

Some people may lack capacity on a temporary basis, and we can help maintain a status quo and support a client until they can return to making their own decisions.  Some clients can make some decisions themselves, but not make other decisions.

To find out more about our care and capacity services, and our fixed-fee pricing packages, contact us today on 01271 342268 for an informal chat, without obligation.

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